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European Voluntery Service (EVS)

anna-evs   My name is Anna Deák, and I am a member of the Hungarian Scout Association in Romania. When I first heard of the European Voluntary Service I knew I would like to try it one day, and the opportunity occurred in 2012: at this time I applied and got accepted to the project “Scouting – a slightly better world”, hosted by Junák – svaz skautů a skautek ČR. I was the only volunteer of this EVS project, which lasted 11 months (October 2012 – August 2013) and had its main seat in Prague, Czech Republic. I was a member of the international department of Junák, the Czech scout organization. The tasks I had to fulfill were of various length and frequency: daily tasks included mailing with other organizations, finding and preparing materials for various projects, organizing the existing materials of the international department, translating and editing educational tools; monthly I wrote articles to the scout magazines and participated on the events, courses or seminars as representant of the international team; I took part also in some unique events, or helped foreign scouts to get along in Prague; in parallel with my office tasks, I was member of a local scout troop, and this meant that I participated on their weekly meetings, weekend hikes and events, and on the summer camp.